About Us & The Campground

This 150 acre farm was purchased in 1998 by Bob and Joanne Rodger.  For years Bob worked the farm, until their son Brent and his wife Jennifer Rodger bought the farm in 2005.  Brent and Jennifer now have 4 children of their own. Brittany, Sheldon, Jeffrey and Carissa.  The campground was opened in 2009, while Brent and Jennifer still worked off the farm.  In hopes to get the campground up and running so both or one of them could stay at home.  This is still a work in progress.  There is a lot of space and the view is magnificent all the way around, any time of year. The campground is always under construction, but is also always ready for guests. Come and enjoy the quiet country living, even just for a night.  Swim, hike, fish, bird watch or just sit with a book. There is always something or nothing to do, whichever you choose!